Teddy BearThis very worn but much loved teddy bear has flown from England back home to Saskatoon in Canada.

The teddy bear was given to a girl named Sybil Spinks on her 3rd birthday at the station as she boarded the train to leave Canada and settle back in England.

Her family moved to Canada from England in 1912, where Sybil’s father took a job as an engineer at Saskatoon’s City Hospital. But after eight years in Canada, the family decided to move back to England when a friend back home offered them an opportunity to go into business together.

92 years later, Sybil’s daughter went to visit Saskatoon to see her mother’s birthplace. With Sybil’s blessing, she took the teddy bear with her and donated it to Sakatoon’s museum where Sybil’s story lives on.

The teddy bear has certainly seen better days. Its green fur has mostly gone and its eyes have since been replaced, but the sentimental value is still strong in this hundred year old teddy bear.


Source: Calgary Herald

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