Soft toy food is now a reality!


We love our soft toys, and we love our food, so why not combine these two popular favorites to create soft toy food?! While that business proposition may not be getting investment on Dragon’s Den any time soon, the rather unconventional soft toy company Steff Bomb have gone ahead and put the idea into action. So if you’ve been longing for your very own soft toy burger, pretzel, carrot or … Read More →

World’s Most Expensive Teddy Bear Unveiled

Vermont Teddy bear, from the north eastern US state of Vermont, have unveiled what’s being dubbed as the world’s most expensive teddy bear, just in time for Valentines Day. The bear named ‘Big Hunka Love Bear’ will set you back $30,000. The four and a half foot tall bear, normally priced at $99, sports a red velvet bow tie and comes with an exclusive 5 carat diamond ring set in … Read More →

Soft Toys will Talk Back to us in 2013

In last month’s blog post, we previewed Fujitsu’s high tech robot soft toy. Unfortunately, it was just a prototype and Fujitsu had no plans to sell its new soft toy, but even if they did, the cost of the new technology would undoubtedly mean that only the richest would be able to get their hands on one. But what if there was a piece of technology that would allow to … Read More →

Tech Company Shows Off its New Robot Soft Toy

Japanese tech company Fujitsu have unveiled their latest their latest gadget, a robot teddy bear. The bear has 12 built in motors around its body for movement, a tilt sensor so it knows when it’s being handled, a microphone so it can hear your voice, and can even connect to the Internet. It has a camera concealed in its nose that can recognise faces and read facial expressions. If you … Read More →

Mountain Rescue Saves Fallen Frog Soft Toy


A German couple funded a mountain rescue operation costing 850 Euros (£680) to save their fallen frog soft toy after their climbing expedition took a turn for the worse. While posing for a photo, their frog fell 6,500ft from the mountain summit of Hintere Goinger Halt in the Austrian Alps. The couple spent the next 2 days looking for their fallen friend, but to no avail. Determined to find what … Read More →

100 Year Old Teddy Bear Comes Home


This very worn but much loved teddy bear has flown from England back home to Saskatoon in Canada. The teddy bear was given to a girl named Sybil Spinks on her 3rd birthday at the station as she boarded the train to leave Canada and settle back in England. Her family moved to Canada from England in 1912, where Sybil’s father took a job as an engineer at Saskatoon’s City … Read More →