Frog Soft ToyA German couple funded a mountain rescue operation costing 850 Euros (£680) to save their fallen frog soft toy after their climbing expedition took a turn for the worse.

While posing for a photo, their frog fell 6,500ft from the mountain summit of Hintere Goinger Halt in the Austrian Alps.

The couple spent the next 2 days looking for their fallen friend, but to no avail. Determined to find what the couple describe as their “lucky charm”, they appealed for help from the local mountain rescue.

It was off season for the mountain rescue crew, and with no other calls, they were happy to help. A rescue operation was launched and after a long eight hour search, the pair was reunited with their soft toy.

It was an expensive price to pay to get their lucky charm back, but no doubt in the couples’ eyes, it was worth every penny.


BBC News

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