If you enjoy snuggling up to your favorite soft toy at night, you’re certainly not alone.

Hotel chain Travelodge surveyed 6,000 of their adult guests and found that just over a third sleep with a soft toy at night.

Corrine Sweet, a Psychologist, says “cuddling a teddy bear is an important part of our national psyche as it evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort.” She continues, “a bedtime bear evokes the secure feelings of home and warmth which can aid sleep.”

It’s not just females either, a quarter of males surveyed say they take their soft toy away with them on business trips to remind them of home and for something to snuggle up to when they are away from their partner.

The research also shows that over half of UK adults still have a soft toy from their childhood and that the average age of a soft toy is 27 years old.

Dawn James editor of Teddy Bear Times says “Teddy Bears represent happiness and security in childhood. They are the best friend that always listens and never criticises. This is why so many adults hang on to their childhood bears, because they see them as a lifelong friend.”

She goes on to say “The popularity of teddy bears is going from strength to strength. There are collectors across the UK who have thousands of bears in their houses.”

Shakila Ahmed, a Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “We have never had as many as 75,000 cuddly bears left behind in Travelodge hotels before. Our hotel staff have worked extremely hard in reuniting the bears with their owners. Interestingly the owners have not just been children, we have had a large number of frantic businessmen and women call us regarding their forgotten teddy bear.”

Source: Travelodge

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