In last month’s blog post, we previewed Fujitsu’s high tech robot soft toy. Unfortunately, it was just a prototype and Fujitsu had no plans to sell its new soft toy, but even if they did, the cost of the new technology would undoubtedly mean that only the richest would be able to get their hands on one.

But what if there was a piece of technology that would allow to you interact, even talk to soft toys, and that it would work on any soft toy, all for the price of an iPad app?

Well a new San Francisco start up company called ToyTalk has been set up to make that happen. ToyTalk isn’t your average zanny startup company either. It’s managed to raise just under £10 million in corporate funding and features staff who previously worked on voice recognition for the iPhone, experts in visualisation and AI, and its CEO is the former chief technology officer of Pixar. Getting soft toys to talk back to us is big business!

ToyTalk have released a sneak preview of their new product, which you can watch at the bottom of this blog post, where they promise a release date some time in 2013. We’ll keep you updated!



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