Japanese tech company Fujitsu have unveiled their latest their latest gadget, a robot teddy bear.

The bear has 12 built in motors around its body for movement, a tilt sensor so it knows when it’s being handled, a microphone so it can hear your voice, and can even connect to the Internet.

It has a camera concealed in its nose that can recognise faces and read facial expressions. If you look grumpy, the bear will act shy, but if you’re smiling, it’ll smile back.

It also has 13 touch sensors around its body. If you give it a tummy rub, it’ll burst out laughing.

The bear can perform 300 lifelike actions, including sneezing, shaking its head, waving back to you, falling asleep, and can even start snoring.

Fujitsu’s teddy bear is aimed at both young children to help them learn, and also the elderly. Trails have found that elderly day-care residents who spent time with the bear became more talkative and smiled more.

Unfortunately though, the teddy bear is currently just a prototype and Fujitsu haven’t announced any plans to sell the bear just yet, but this teddy undeniably represents what we can expect to see in the future.

Take a look at the video below to see this robot teddy bear in action:

Source: The Straits Times


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